CURRENT TRIP- Personal guided tours in small groups through classic and contemporary art collections of Paris. Concierge services and assistance from time of booking.

 September 17 -24, 2019.  Cost $1200.

Bob, a professor of art, along with his wife, Bronwyn,  organizes and leads a variety of upscale art and culture trips. Some trips are strictly cultural experiences. Others are designed for teaching and creating art. Still others are a blend of the elements of art and design instruction while savoring the culture.

Meet us in Paris, September 17-24, 2019. Each day we will skip the admissions lines and provide two insightful guided art experiences each day for 8 days. We include museums,  art foundations,  sculpture gardens, galleries, and studios. Bob provides information on the artists as well as the craft, the context, and the content of the work.  Groups are limited to 6 participants. Each tour is approximately 120 minutes. Make your own travel and hotel arrangements. We gather at a designated place and time for this guided art experience. Between excursions we have lunch together and discuss our experiences and impressions


Contact us:

707 -937-0600